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Lion K. Swaminathan


Lion R. Victor Kumar

Members List

Lion K. Swaminathan

Lion Sujatha Raiu
Immediate Past President & Club LCIF Coordinator

Lion L Shruthi C S
First Vice President

Lion T N Karthik

Lion Victor Kumar

Lion Jyothi Thomas
Club Membership Chairperson

Lion Glory Victor
Club Service Chairperson

Lion. Bernaad R Chetty, mjf
Region Chairperson (D)

Lion Jayalakshrni Karthik
Club Marketing & Communication Chairperson

Lion Jennifer S Chetty

Lion Thomas Chinnappa, pmjf
District Chairperson, Agriculture Technology(D)

Lion Dr. Vinod Kumar .R
District Chairperson, Dental & Vision(D)

Lion Poornirna Swarninathan

Lion S. Parthiban

Lion Surekha Parthiban

Lion S.P. Kannappan

Lion John Rohith

Lion C.V. Nanjunda Swamy

Lion Joseph Royan

Lion Maria Veronica

Lion Manjunath M.N.

Lion Rashmi K

Welcome to Lions Club of Bangalore Shikshana

Lions Club of Bangalore Shikshana
In an endeavor to support the local community children in the field of education, Lions Club of Bangalore Shikshana was formed. LCB Shikshana was installed on 21- July 2013 and a team of professional 9 family members and 3 individuals joined hands to form this club. It was these teams of 21 charter members taken the key initiative to add value to under privileged children in the field of education. More +

News & Events

  • 13th March - World Kidney Day Awareness
    LCB Shikshana On 13th March, 2019 participated in World Kidney Day
    Awareness conducted.. More+

  • Third ZAM Meeting - Region 4 - Zone 2; on 09-Mar at 4:30 pm
    LCB Shikshana took part in the Third ZAM Meeting - Region 4 - Zone 2;... More+

  • International Women's Day March 8th 2019
    LCB Shikshana with New Voices and Shantha Devaraj DC for women
    empowerment, visited ... More+

  • Womens Day - 8th March
    LCB Shikshana with its Ladies members along with other Club Freedeem Park Celebrated Womens day.. More+

  • Women Leadership Program by Voice Team on 3rd March 2019
    LCB Shikshana took part in the Leadership Development Program... More+


Lion T N Karthik

Region Chairperson

Lion Bernaad R Chetty

Zone Chairperson

Lion Dr. C.V. Geetha