Members List

Lion. Sasha K

Lion. Thomas Chinnappa
Imm Past President

Lion. Capt. Suresh R

Lion. Sujatha Chandrashekar

Lion. Jyothi T
1st VP

Lion. Parthiban TS
2nd VP

Lion. Swaminathan K

Lion. T. N. Karthik
Centennial Director

Lion. Jennifer Sandra Chetty
Club Service Chairperson

Lion. Poornima Swaminatham
Club Marketing Communications Chairperson

Lion. Bernaad R Chetty
Dist Chairperson – IT

Lion. Manjunath M N
Club Director

Lion. Anitha Suresh

Lion. Jayalakshmi Karthik

Lion. Surekha Parthiban

Lion. Kannappan SP

Lion. C V Nanjunda Swamy

Lion. Rashmi K

Lion. Ravikumar

Eye Check Up camp

LCB Shikshana conducted eye screening for the School/College students in association with Dhristi Eye Hospital on 9 Sept 2017 in BEL PU College Campus. Total number of participants were 275 which included Students, staff and their family members. The success of this program is also seen to a greater extent due to the Twinning with multiple lions clubs in 317F and one club in 317E.