Members List

Lion. Sasha K

Lion. Thomas Chinnappa
Imm Past President

Lion. Capt. Suresh R

Lion. Sujatha Chandrashekar

Lion. Jyothi T
1st VP

Lion. Parthiban TS
2nd VP

Lion. Swaminathan K

Lion. T. N. Karthik
Centennial Director

Lion. Jennifer Sandra Chetty
Club Service Chairperson

Lion. Poornima Swaminatham
Club Marketing Communications Chairperson

Lion. Bernaad R Chetty
Dist Chairperson – IT

Lion. Manjunath M N
Club Director

Lion. Anitha Suresh

Lion. Jayalakshmi Karthik

Lion. Surekha Parthiban

Lion. Kannappan SP

Lion. C V Nanjunda Swamy

Lion. Rashmi K

Lion. Ravikumar

Permanent Project - Free dental health consultation and care to underprivileged people

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Lions Club of Bangalore Shikshana and the Dental Health Organization on 2 Dec 2017 to provide free dental health consultation and care to underprivileged people who cannot afford the expenses of meeting their personal dental needs on every Wednesday of the week from 10am to 12pm respectively. The same was implemented with effect from 2 Dec 2017 accordingly.